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Grilling is one of the healthiest ways to cook. It is not only flavorful, but also fun! It is very important not to overcook foods on the grill, because the burnt black parts can be very unhealthy. 

An easy way to avoid this is to trim fat from your meat, and now allow your flame to get too high.  Choosing lean proteins like chicken and turkey is recommended.  You can even buy all natural sausages which are made from chicken and turkey, which contain much less fat than traditional sausage.  Using ground turkey to make burgers has every bit of flavor of traditional beef burgers, but much less fat and calories. Fish and vegetables are absolutely delicious on the grill, but I do recommend using a grill basket for cooking these.  It’s very easy for veggies and fish to stick to the grill, or fall through the grates. 

Season or marinade your meat and veggies first for the best flavor.  Make your own marinades using extra virgin olive oil and fresh herbs like basil, parsley and mint.  And don’t forget to try healthy versions of your favorite BBQ sides like detox cole slaw, and stone ground mustard potato salad.  Not only are these versions healthier, but because they don’t contain mayo, they will not go bad if left out in hot weather.


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