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Bikini season is only 9 months away.  It seems like a long time, but if you can make a body in 9 months during pregnancy, imagine what is possible for creating lasting changes to your body in the next 9 months.  Keep this thought in mind when you approach the “Holiday Season.”  As the weather gets cold it’s easy to turn to comfort food to warm up.  Some of the very healthiest foods are in season right now!

Butternut squash, spaghetti squash and sweet potatoes are loaded with nutrients and can replace things like white potatoes, rice and pasta in many recipes.  I am not saying you can’t eat those foods at all, but the squash varieties are higher in vitamins, fiber and lower in sugar than the white foods.  Plus it’s a great way to increase your veggie consumption.  I serve comforting foods like stews over spaghetti squash or cauliflower rice.  I also use these in creating warm and filling casseroles.  I steam sweet potatoes with butternut squash to serve as a low glycemic, nutrient packed comfort food side dish.  I add extra vegetables like shredded zucchini, carrots, celery and peppers to my “stuffed cabbage,” “meatloaf” or “stuffed pepper.”  It adds flavor and nutrients and definitely fills you with nutrition instead of empty filler carbohydrates.  When you fill up on filler food like sugar, starch and empty carbohydrates, you don’t have as much “room” for the nutritious high fiber foods like vegetables and fruits that actually “fill” you up.

Right now apples and pears are also in season and this is the tastiest time of year to eat them.  I saute up apples or pears in coconut oil and add a dash of toffee crunch liquid flavored stevia.  Serve this in a bowl topped with chopped raw pecans or walnuts and even add a little unsweetened coconut milk for a creamy touch and enjoy your nutrition packed “comfort food.”

I hope some of these tips help you re-think your holiday choices.  If come January you are going to feel “blue” about the weight you put on over the holidays and spend a whole month or two undoing what the holidays have done, what’s the point?  Instead be pro-active, not re-active and think what good things you can do to your body over the holiday season to prepare you for that bathing suit in only 9 months.  If you can make a whole being in 9 months, just think what you can do.  Stretch, do yoga, try Pilates, warm up your body during this cold holiday season to burn fat, build muscle and stay warm.

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