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Eating Healthy to lose weight

It’s very easy to pack on the fat and calories at meals when you are using high fat ingredients like butter, cheese, sour cream, mayonnaise and dressing.  So, with bathing suit season right around the corner, here are some easy tips to not only improve the health of your food, but also help you skim some of the fat content off of the meal.

  • Instead of sour cream on your baked potato, in mashed potatoes, on tacos or in other recipes, try plain Greek yogurt.  It’s also great for making potato salads in place of mayo.  Greek yogurt is very high in protein and probiotics, and very low in fat and calories.
  • Instead of cooking with butter, use EVOO, which is extra virgin olive oil.  This good fat is great for sauteing foods, for making home made salad dressings, and even just for dipping fresh whole grain bread in.  Drizzle it over your veggies before you roast or grill them to add essential fatty acids in an instant.
  • Use cheese like a condiment, meaning it goes in or on something, rather than it being the main food you are snacking on.  Cheese is very high in fat.  Using it as sparingly as you would use mayo.  If you use a high flavor cheese like feta, Parmesan or goat cheese, you will use much less, plus these cheeses are much lower in fat!
  • Moderation is key! I personally never use low fat or light versions of the above mentioned foods, because often times the ingredients get very complex and your compromising the flavor.  Instead I choose to eat the “real” stuff, and just use less.


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