Peanut Butter Brussel Sprouts

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brusselsproutsPeanut Butter Brussel Sprouts
1 bag of brussel sprouts. Trim the core off, and quarter each sprout.
1 Tablespoon of sesame oil
1/4 teaspoon of salt
1/4 teaspoon of pepper
1 Tablespoon of raw honey
1 Tablespoon of Sriracha
1 lime
1 Tablespoon of organic unsweetened peanut butter (you can also use sun-butter or cashew butter; if your nut butter is sweetened, omit the honey)

Toss brussel sprouts with sesame oil, salt and pepper. Place in preheated, 350 degree oven for 15 minutes, or until edges start to brown. Remove. Add honey, sriracha and peanut butter. Toss and add back to oven for 10 minutes. Remove, squeeze fresh lime juice, toss and serve.

I can actually get my kids to each these and everyone I had sample these insisted I post the recipe. It smells amazing when cooking. I’ve had a similar recipe in a restaurant once with golden raisins in it, so feel free to add those and try if you’re a fan.


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