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Thank you for your interest in SHAPE ReClaimed. Our goal is to help you make an educated decision regarding SHAPE and whether it is a program that will help transform your health. Though many are drawn to this practitioner-monitored program for it’s weight loss benefits, we set ourselves apart from typical weight loss programs, as we are more interested in helping you reclaim total health.

SHAPE practitioners are not just about weight loss but rather total health restoration. Choosing a SHAPE practitioner ensures you’ll be in qualified hands on your journey toward restoring your health and revitalizing your life.

Here is a video from Heather Wheeler, licensed acupuncturist, certified functional medicine practitioner (candidate) and Shape Reclaimed advisor. Heather has coached hundreds of people through amazing health transformations, but has used nutrition, acupuncture and functional medicine to improve her health naturally. She personally has lost over 25 pounds using the Shape protocol, but has improved her innate body’s detoxification capacity (dealing with MTHFR gene mutation), has healed her leaky gut syndrome and naturally beat candida (intestinal yeast overgrowth)! Watch this amazing video and learn how the right coach and the right clinical program and protocol can help you health naturally!

Much success on your journey!

Dr. Olivia Joseph


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